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You will need to use your PPY account when logging in, in order to use your York University licensed account здесь its features. If you do not, you will have issues when trying to use Zoom with integrated services such as Moodle, for example. The following process assumes that you are launching Zoom as a stand-alone application on your computer.

The sign-on process will be the same if you start by clicking a link in an email, or by starting a meeting in your Moodle class S ee step 2. The only change in outcome when clicking a link, etc. Whereas, at the end of this article, you will be logged in to the application and ready to either create, schedule, or manage your meetings.

Launch the Zoom application on your computer. Choose the Zoom Client for Meetings from the list. The first window will ask you to choose between Join a Meeting or to Sign in. Click Sign in to continue. This step is the продолжить чтение crucial. You need to click on the Sign in with SSO button.

This action tells Zoom that you need to go to the York University login page in order to authenticate with the system. Zoom has been integrated with it, which is why you need to select it. If you use the normal sign in process to the left email and passwordyou will be using a normal Zoom account that Zoom creates for its general user population. If you were zoom app login process – zoom app login process: are still a Zoom user, likely on the free-tier, logging in that way will ensure that you will not be able to use any of the enhanced services that are afforded by using the York University PPY account.

Type the domain that York has set up for its users of the Zoom system. The domain is: yorku. Once you have typed in your PPY username and password, you can click Login to proceed. If you have any issues logging in to Zoom at this stage, please ensure that your username and password are correct. You can check this by logging into Zoom app login process – zoom app login process: or any other PPY governed service. You can also try to clear your browser’s cache and cookies to ensure that your browser has not retained stale login information.

This can sometimes happen if you have recently changed your password or if you have not visited the site for a while and your old credentials have not yet been purged by the browser. After clicking the Login button, the web browser will be instructed to open the Zoom application you have installed on your computer.

Clicking on the Open zoom. You will have to repeat the steps to re-authenticate the next time you find that you are logged out of the Zoom application. Zoom app login process – zoom app login process: time, /13394.txt will find that new help articles will appear in the Zoom section of this site, so please bookmark and check back often.

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Zoom app login process – zoom app login process: –

Can’t find what you are looking for? Just before entering the meeting you will be prompted to enter a display name. Tap “Sign Up” on the welcome page. Live Polling in Zoom. Files can be sent to all participants or directly to another specific attendee Zoom Best Practices.


Zoom app login process – zoom app login process:. How do I join a Zoom meeting?

While you can still join a Zoom meeting without making an account, it’s extremely helpful to have your own so you can keep track of appointments when working remotely. You’ll need access to your email account to verify your profile and confirm a password. Zoom cloud storage is a finite resource and users should be mindful when deciding which meetings to record in the cloud. A pop-up will appear informing you that a confirmation email was sent to the email address you chose. It symobilizes a website link url. Click “Sign In” again. Free, vendor-provided videos covering many hosting topics.