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Zoom api get meeting password.Introduction

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User level or Account level OAuth app? Actually I am trying to get meeting from another user who needs to know the full url of the meeting.

And I was wondering if we knew the password could make the GET call? The issue is that when I have user who wants to connect to a meeting my product manager wants them to be able to put in just the meeting number. I need to call the GET meeting endpoint.

But, that meeting is password protected. So I could prompt for the password, but is there a way to do that if I have the password. Is this possible, and am I missing a setting? Hey nate , Is there an error at all? Or do you just get an empty response? Thanks, Tommy. If OAuth, user level or account level? What scopes do you have? Hi Tommy, I am using an OAuth app with all scopes on. Thanks, Nate. Hey nate , User level or Account level OAuth app?

This would be a User level Account OAuth app. Hey nate , I cannot reproduce the issue. I can get a meeting just fine that has a password enabled. Also if you could send me a video or exact steps to reproduce that would be great! Hi Tommy, Actually I am trying to get meeting from another user who needs to know the full url of the meeting.



create meeting login without password in zoom meeting using zoom API Code Example

Required Join a meeting from Zoom Rooms: If a meeting_number value is provided, join the meeting. If a meeting_number is not provided, start an instant meeting. g_number: integer: The meeting’s number. rd: string: The password to join the meeting. _accept: Boolean: false: Whether to force a user . $ curl \-X POST \-d api_key = your_api_key \-d api_secret = your_api_secret \-d id = unique_id \-d password = [email protected] var Zoom = require (“zoomus”)({ key: “your_api_key”, secret: “your_api_secret” }); var user = { id: “unique_id”, password: “[email protected]” } Zoom. user. updatePassword (user, function (res){ if (res. . The Zoom API helps manage the pre-meeting experience such as creating, editing and deleting resources like users, meetings and webinars. It also provides access to post-meeting information for tasks such as reporting and analytics. It does not provide access to the in-meeting experience such as current attendee list, who is current speaker or Missing: password.