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ETF Model Portfolios that offer industry-leading performance for all investors. Our Portfolio Reporting Suite helps you deliver clear, professional results.

Talk to a Zacks Pro representative today to determine the best product for your needs. Our flagship research platform offers nearly infinite ways to compare, contrast and model your ideas, combining amazing functionality and massive data with a simple, intuitive interface.

This easy-to-use platform delivers extensive, consolidated Zacks research, model portfolios, quant analysis tools, data visualization resources and much more. Our deep, clean databases, powerful software and human expertise can help you put your strategies into action now.

If spreadsheets are a key part of your workflow, adding Excel Link to Advisor Tools or Research System eliminates the drudgery of hand-populating spreadsheets, exponentially increases your productivity, and also lets you easily create impressive tearsheets.

Subscribe now to receive the latest and most relevant financial news and our expert analysis every morning, written specifically for the unique needs of advisors. Zacks has championed independent research for more than 40 years, beginning when Len Zacks published a highly influential paper which detailed his innovative investment approach:.

Since then, Zacks has continually expanded and refined that research to help institutions and high net worth clients invest more effectively. When my time allows, I scroll through their website and am always surprised how rich their content is. Here is an example of Zack’s sucking. Look at different advice for GRPN, just 3 days apart! I have taken many trades based on the built in strategies and this has yielded several winning trades.

David, I was NOT familiar with this stock at all. Upon reading your recommendation, and then looking it up on Zacks. I’ve been watching go up and up since!

Your recommendation, as usual, is “money. God bless you, DR. RON O. I’ve been a Zacks Ultimate customer for several years and find the variety of services very useful. Getting 2 or 3 outlooks from different perspectives helps me form my own and gives me a lot of ideas for stocks to research further.

After losing most my nest egg, I decided to try using a service to help. I ended up choosing Zacks and have not been happier. I’ve learned a lot over the last few years I’ve had the service. Not only did I get guidance, but I’ve also gained a much better understanding of what to look for in a stock, trading options, and the stock market in general.

The Zacks Research Wizard, has been a great tool for my personal investing. Price and Fundamental Charts help me see how these variables affect each other. Enabling me to identify winners at an early stage.

I wanted to include additional computation on one of the screeners. Jon S. The outcome was amazing. I use the Zacks Portfolio tool to monitor my IRA investments to understand if they are sound in both the short-term and the long-term.

Seeing the Zacks Rank in addition to the Value, Growth, and Momentum Scores helps me know whether my equities are indeed invested the way I would like them to be. Excellent support answered all my questions and solved the problem quickly. The platform has a very high volatility that allows you to earn.

As per my opinion this is the best cryptocurrency company! Same thing we all do with life fidelity IRA retirement investments. Very nice and friendly support, the answers come lightning fast, and the support agents are all great people. The account manager explains all the moments and secrets of successful trading. Zacks Investment Research is one of the largest providers of independent stock, ETF and mutual fund research in the U.

The performance of our stock research recommendations has consistently ranked among the top research firms in the U. This research anchors our active trading services, long-term investor services, screening and backtesting software, and powerful resources and tools to help boost portfolio returns. At the center of everything we do is a strong commitment to independent research and sharing its profitable discoveries with investors. This crucial finding led to the creation of our proven Zacks Rank stock-rating system that harnesses the power of earnings estimates.

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What do you think? Add your review. I have read and agree to the Customer Review Submission Terms. Leave Your Review cancel. Review from John M. Review from China Ray G. Zacks has made me, and continues to make me a smarter and more knowledgeable and informed long-term investor.

As an long-term investor, my portfolio with the help of Zacks will ensure a nice nest egg for retirement. Review from Melanie B. Value Investor Commentary is useful. I love reading what she has to say and I value her opinion.



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Reports are available for stocks and ETFs. These reports are similar to what online discount brokerages like Fidelity and TD Ameritrade offering individual offers. These reports strive to show the bullish and bearish reasons that determine the current buy or sell ratings.

However, they are in-depth and let you read the bullish and bearish case. Investors can use these reports to gain a better understanding of the company and current market conditions.

However, investors must decide if buying, holding, selling or avoiding a stock fits their investment strategy. This tool can help you find stocks with the highest probability of having a surprise earnings report. This tool can be most effective when researching stocks with a Zacks Rank between 1 strong buy and 3 hold.

The Zacks screening tool is similar to other stock screeners as you can filter stocks by fundamental or technical indicators.

You can also access the Zacks Rank and style scores with a free account. The screener results display the Zacks Rank and last closing share price. You will need to click on the stock symbol for in-depth research. Zacks offers an interactive chart that is excellent for technical analysis. This charting tool is more robust than basic investing apps and competitive with traditional online brokerages.

You can add your portfolio positions to track your investment performance. This tool can come in handy if you want to track the investments you find using Zacks or want to see the current rankings for your holdings. Zacks offers plenty of free research articles about market events and investment themes. Premium members can access exclusive reports, videos and podcasts.

This content can be similar to what investment sites produce and mention stocks that can be investment plays. Reading these articles can keep your investment service subscription costs lower and reduce your research time. But the best reason to use Zacks Premium continues to be its rating lists and analyst reports. The Premium-only content may offer more stock recommendations.

For instance, an article may list the affected stocks with a Zacks 1 Rank or are on the Focus List. Upgrading to Zacks Premium is worth the cost if you regularly use the rank lists and analyst reports. Short-term and long-term investors can benefit from this service. You may see every detail you need in the Zacks platform. A subscription may not be worth it if your broker or otherr investment research platforms already provide the tools you need to analyze stocks and funds.

Zacks Premium may not be a good fit if you want a stock picking service that recommends specific stocks. This service provides research tools but its rating tools are not a substitute for newsletters that suggest when to buy or sell positions from a model portfolio.

These tools recommend specific stocks in a model portfolio. Before buying a Zacks recommendation, you can research the potential investment using the Premium tools. Here are some of the pros and cons of Zacks Premium. Zacks can be an effective research tool, although these platforms may be a better fit for your investing needs and budget.

Stock Advisor provides two new monthly stock recommendations they expect to outperform the market for at least three years. Each monthly stock pick includes a brief analyst report listing the bullish and bearish reasons for investing. Investors can also read a list of 10 starter stocks that updates annually and is similar to the Zacks Focus List.

The service believes these stocks are a good fit for most investors and can be less volatile than the monthly stock picks. Its stock screener and research tools are also less potent than Zacks. Read our Motley Fool review to learn more. Investors can use Stock Rover to access these investment tools:. This service is best for screening and charting stocks and funds using different technical and fundamental metrics. You can find investment ideas by running screens that copy the investment strategies of famous investors.

Analyst reports are available for the Dow 30 stocks. Zacks can be the better option if you want unlimited analyst reports and prefer the Zacks Rank system for finding stocks versus more conventional screening metrics. Morningstar Premium covers stocks and funds with its famous Morningstar rating system.

Analyst reports, screening tools and portfolio tracking tools are available too. This service may be better for investors that prefer ETFs and mutual funds yet still want stock research access. In addition to research reports and investment ratings, subscribers can use the Portfolio X-Ray tool to see if their portfolio asset allocation is adequately diversified.

Read our Morningstar Premium review to learn more. Want to give Zacks a try? I have tried them every few years and learned about many obscure, esoteric companies they recommended. Now, Im through with them! They may have legitimate info on stocks but this firm is a pain with regards to billing. Sign up and enjoy getting to know your credit card company! Review from Joe Arndt. Insightful commentary and research.

Their screeners and analyst reports are quite handy. Review from David P. This is an organization with clear and well researched analyses of stock market activity with many options for investors. I have used their service for many years and for me they are a major source of useful information.

Review from Emily D. I keep unsubscribing from their emails, and yet, I keep getting more every day in my email. Review from Jean M. This is the best place to research anything you may be interested in investing In before you place your trades. I have tried others but find a lot of contrasting Opinions without the facts to back them up.

Love u Zacks! Review from Clint S. The Zacks Research Wizard is a very powerful stock screener that facilitates implementation of an investment strategy.

I also use the Research Wizard to select stocks for covered-call trades, and those have been highly successful this year.

Overall, I give Zacks high marks for the value and quality of their offerings. Review from Charles L. One of the tools they offer is the Research Wizard stock database. I have found this tool from Zacks to be immensely valuable.

I have also found that the Zacks rating system is one of the most accurate and effective to be found among brokerages, investment banks, and stock advisory services. I unreservedly recommend Zacks for any investor trying to improve their investment results. Customer Review Rating. Contact Information. Want a quote from this business?