Windows 7 safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys free download.Safe mode stuck at classpnp.sys.


Windows 7 safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys free download.Windows 7 Safe Mode stuck on Classpnp.sys


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Under a safe mode boot, it gets to and reboots. I can boot the box to Ubuntu on USB, and from inside Linux I can see the filesystem on the drive just fine. Most of the solutions I have seen online say to do a system repair, but that rarely works. Jun 14,  · Windows 7 hangs when loading driver “” – posted in Windows 7: Greetings everyone! Not sure what the heck happened my wife had login errors to her email account, so she rebooted. Feb 16,  · My AMD dual core gets hung up during boot at “loading windows.” 10 minutes later it reboots, and offers to repair, but the repair never works, so I select “start windows normally” and it will boot to windows. Offers to find solution never work. Safe mode boot stops with “Loaded: \Windows\system32\drivers\” No hardware changes made.

Windows 7 safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys free download.[SOLVED] Windows 7 hang on boot ()

Feb 01,  · Safe mode stuck at Hi I have a hp g72 us laptop which came with a in built windows 7 home 64 bit. Since last few . Sep 19,  · Select repair system (the first option on the list). Let this load and follow the on screen instructions. Click the Command Input (the bottom option on this new list) This will open a window resembling DOS. Type in “Rename C:\windows\system32\drivers\ Press enter and then close. Jun 14,  · Windows 7 hangs when loading driver “” – posted in Windows 7: Greetings everyone! Not sure what the heck happened my wife had login errors to her email account, so she rebooted.

Thank you for your initial problem and the follow-up discussion on such a conundrum of a problem. As evidenced by the number of hits under Google for “Windows 7 boot sequence classpnp.

As such, this is a ticking time bomb waiting for the most inopportune time to strike. Furthmore, this problem has been known since RC1 of Windows 7. The problem still persists and there is no known remediation method. KB is a unique solution when the OS is healthy.

When this phenomena occurs, KB is a hoax for Laptop users and systems purchased from a vendor without a hardcopy of the OS media. But the option is to reinstall as opposed to a repair. SYS with a 6. In addition, the method of downloading any file is fraught with problems of possible infection or worse yet a trojan. Here were the initial steps taken to remediate the problem. Step 1. Results: The machine did not restart. Step 2. Power recycled the machine.

The repair was selected and completed with a request to restart. Results: The machine stops at the Starting Windows logo. Still stuck. Step 3. Restarted the machine through a power recycle. Pressed F8, selected last known good and restarted. Step 4. Pressed F8, selected Advanced options. Results: No options were available. Step 5. Pressed F8, selected Boot loggin and restarted. Step 6.

Pressed F8, selected Safe Mode with Networking. SYS and hung up. Step 7. SYS was the culprit. Results: Found this discussion and many more. Spent too much time researching for a solution. Most ended in silence. Step 8. Results: Did not take this step as the machine is under warranty.

It was purchased in April, Step 9. This support site will take a user to a list of vendors. The Toshiba link was selected. The link is the Toshiba home page. A Toshiba case was opened. All 9 steps were presented to the support person and as directed the machine was put into a Factory reset mode.

Windows update patching is continuing the assult to be “secure”. Comments: One thing is certain, to be secure in one sense is have a machine in an inoperable state. However business cannot operate in an inoperable state. Neither can a business operate in an insecure state. So, to receive an OS patch which causes the machine to be inoperable, has the quest to be secure been reduced to inoperability? Suggestion: This problem needs more eyes and a better tracking method. Is this a vendor issue, e.

Motherboard, Memory, Hardware? Is this lot specific? Is there a driver mismatch? Is there a recovery process other than “Scorched earth”? Thanks for posting this! I tried a lot of different solutions I read about concerning this problem but none worked – except for a very similar solution to yours. After saving the BIOS settings I was taken to the screen that lets you choose which windows mode to boot in safe, safe with networking, etc.

I went into safe mode the first time. SYS again, but it went through after a pause. I rebooted into normal mode from there just fine. No luck. Win 7 would not boot. I put it back to AHCI and everything worked again. Reigniting this ancient issue, as it just cropped up on a machine I was asked to look at. A Dell Optiplex The machine I am working on appears to have no restore points. I had booted up with BartPE, but I can’t get network configuration working, and I can’t get external media through USB working, so I can’t even safely backup files before trying a system restore, which I guess is my next step, if I can find a system restore disk for cheap or free, as the owner does not have one.

The problem is caused by the battery of the motherboard. You must stop short Connection pins for at least 30 seconds, 10 minutes would be best. Fixed that. I know this is an old thread, but for the benefit of others reading it here’s what worked for me. This happens if Windows cannot find your system partition. SYS, this is the driver that mounts your volumes properly, before that it’s using a lower level driver. SYS it hangs on the next driver. Other programs can do the same in Windows so you don’t need to be dual booting for this to happen.

After that it booted like new. Note that just before classpnp. For some people this was a hard disk hardware problem. I ran the system maintenance task which may or may not have fixed something and requested a file system check on reboot. After that, booting to safe mode worked again.

These steps may not fix your problem, but at least they should be harmless. Holy crap, it worked! Switched it to AHCI, saved changes, and system booted promptly into windows 7. Will it happen again?

Ironically, the last operation I attempted was a full system backup using Acronis True Image It launched it Monday night, went to bed, and awoke Tuesday morning to find the system hung at “Starting Windows” and have been in PC hell– until just a few minutes ago.

Finally booted into windows okay. As for rescuing the defective HDD or for those whose main Windows drive is faulty if you don’t have a bootable W7 repair disc I can only suggest DLing a ‘bootable WinPE’ type rescue utility on another machine, and running chkdsk etc using that instead.

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