Windows 7 professional shuts down by itself free 7 keeps shutting down


Windows 7 professional shuts down by itself free 7 pro shutting down


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Jan 10,  · Since activation windows shuts down, (safely), on its own for no apparent reason. It doesn’t matter if I am surfing the net, gaming or whatever app. I am doing, the screen flips to windows and goes through a safe shut down. There also does not seem to be a specific time period associated with the time to start up to shut down. Windows Shuts Itself Down software free downloads. Windows Shuts Itself Down shareware, freeware, demos: Shut Down Manager by JPSoft DK, Tweaking Toolbox for Windows by Windows-HelpNET, Unzip Wizard by PC Shareware Inc etc. Shutdown Windows 7 free download – PDF Reader for Windows 7, Windows 7 (Ultimate), Windows 7 (Home Premium), and many more programs.

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Shutdown Windows 7 free download – PDF Reader for Windows 7, Windows 7 (Ultimate), Windows 7 (Home Premium), and many more programs. Dec 05,  · Windows 7 constantly shuts down by itself. Every half hour or so my computer randomly shuts off. I know it’s not hardware failure because it never happened until i reinstalled windows 7 again about a week. It’s as if the system crashes and shuts off but when I reboot it doesnt prompt for safe made which means it’s not crashing right? Version SP Size GB. Works under: Windows XP. Program available in English. Program by Microsoft. Review. Screenshots. Comments. Make your older computer run faster and more efficiently with a download of Windows 7 .

I have a computer that is randomly trying to shut itself down. The user will be working and the “shutting down” message appears on the screen and starts closing any and every program she has open.

She clicks the cancel button and the system stays on, but if she isn’t paying attention or not at her computer, the system will shut down.

I checked event viewer, but I’m not seeing any errors. The CPU fan is firmly attached and the system is not overheating. If this is a laptop it could be a bad battery other then that as other’s have said if it was hardware related it won’t display the shutting down message.

I would also check the scheduled task for possible things causing it. It could also be the user and not the computer. I would sent a bit of time watching the user while it happens. And yea users are always too busy so in general I just document that fact they won’t let look at the computer and let the user know until they give you the time you need to test it you cannot fix it.

This is a desktop computer, so not a battery issue. I checked the sleep settings and they are all turned off. Hibernation settings are also turned off. Something we noticed was that the computer is under her desk and the shutdown issue usually happened when she turned to get something from her printer. She admitted that her knee has accidentally hit the system and we’re thinking that she may have brushed the power button.

I changed the button settings so the power button does nothing. Now I’ll have to see if that is the problem. I assume you’ve checked Windows Updates to make sure it isn’t trying to auto restart to complete the install of updates?

If all that fails you can try disabling hardware to narrow done if a particular component or driver is the cause. Were recent updates installed?

If so you can try rolling those back in case that corrupted something. Check your heat sink. That’s not all in order, just a list of stuff to check. The only times I’ve seen a clean shutdown due to hardware was from heat.

The few times I’ve seen where it shutdown due to a different hardware issue, like a short in the motherboard or a problem with the battery component, the computer just turned off, no graceful shutdown. If the system did shut down for heat there should be a corresponding critical error in the event viewer. Thank you for your suggestions. I really do appreciate you taking the time to respond. To answer a couple questions: we’ve rebooted the computer numerous times and the Windows updates are running ok.

The user is an admin on that system. Vents are clear, we have a temp monitor running not showing any overheating , and virus scans are coming back clean. I haven’t checked the hardware yet because, unfortunately, that’s a very busy user aren’t they all?

A little more information: this has been happening every few days for the last 2 or 3 weeks. It would happen one day and then nothing for 6 days or so, so it hasn’t been super high priority. I did have a chance to dig a little deeper in the event viewer and I spotted some messages that make me scratch my head.

All of the reboots had these 2 errors logged:. Some Googling of error 0xff shows that Microsoft is aware of some issue, but they don’t have a solution yet. Does any of this make sense to any of you? Was USER the actual user listed, or did you redact, and if that was the username is there a local user on the system with that name?

A random thought that occurred to me is – is that system licensed? I know that at least Windows server shuts down automatically a certain amount of time after the trial license expires. Stab in the dark, sorry. Sorry about that. I redacted the user’s name. The system is licensed. Nothing wrong with stabs in the dark, you never know when they’ll hit!

Was the redacted username the user of the workstation? Found this old post by a user having a shutdown issue. Their issue doesn’t sound exactly the same, but the errors in the log look the same. Hibernation appears to have been the cause. The redacted username was the user and I confirmed that windows is activated using that command. Once we had this same issue, sometimes PC shutdown clean, and the keyboard was the culprit, hope for you it is power button.

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