Windows 7 8gb ram only 3gb usable free download.Why My 64 bit Windows 7 Still Show 3GB Usable Out of 4GB


Windows 7 8gb ram only 3gb usable free download.I have 8 GB Ram but I only 3.96 GB usable


How to FIX: Windows detects 3.25 GB RAM when over 4GB are installed..How to fix: Only GB Usable of 8GB Installed RAM. – – Windows Tips & How-tos

As for your not showing 8gb of memory it sounds like you may have loaded a 32 bit version of windows instead of a 64bit. 32 bit will only use gb of memory at best regardless of how much you have find out what version you have press the windows key,between CTRL and ALT,at the same time as the pause break key. then look in Reviews: 3. Apr 01,  · 6. Reinstalled bios version for Windows Vista 64bit. *I used the Windows Vista 64bit drivers for the sound to work correctly with Windows 7 64bit. So I figured that the bios version of Windows Vista 64bit may as well fix the 4/3gb usable problem. Aug 29,  · When I initially upgraded my desktop to have 8GB of RAM, I had GB of RAM usable. I recently upgraded my CPU to an i, and to do this I had to perform a BIOS upgrade. After the BIOS upgrade, I still had GB of RAM usable with the on-board GPU disabled and my GTX Ti being used.

Windows 7 8gb ram only 3gb usable free download.4gb Installed / 3gb Usable Windows 7 64bit

Sep 28,  · I have a similar problem with HP ENVY M6 notebook. if I install Windows 32bit I only get 4GB ram available but MB usable.. I then kept downgrading the BOIS from F The only one that gave me around 3GB is F By the way, I have reported this issue to HP support last year. Alas, HP has not released a fixed BIOS yet. Aug 29,  · When I initially upgraded my desktop to have 8GB of RAM, I had GB of RAM usable. I recently upgraded my CPU to an i, and to do this I had to perform a BIOS upgrade. After the BIOS upgrade, I still had GB of RAM usable with the on-board GPU disabled and my GTX Ti being used. Jun 17,  · Installed RAM is 8GB but usable is GB Installed RAM is 8GB but usable is GB. By Tim Drake June 17 if you only had 4 gigs it would be gb useable. It used to be GB free but changed to GB, Windows doesn’t just .

I have tried disabling and enabling msconfig – boot – Max memory settings, neither option fixes the problem. So, I flashed the bios back to Windows Vista 64bit and that still did not solve the problem. Although the system did seem faster, it still only shows 3gb usable. There shouldn’t be an issue with that version of the bios seeing that with Vista’s 64bit OS recognized all 4gb.

I’m stumped and have no clue where to go from here. Please Help! Another thing is check your resource monitor under memory tab. There is a physical memory graph that will show you alocation of memory. Having a problem finding out information on vid card ram. Checked the Vista 64 info on assigning ram etc so not too concerned that 4gigs shows installed and 3gigs available.

My question concerns the vid card, It shows 2gigs assigned. Does the M actually have 1 gig on the card and another 1 gig assigned as dedicated?

Seems like that would waste 1gig of ram. Cannot find any more info on vid card other the the specs listed. Additonally, system ram is listed at 4 gigs max. I have seen several custom builders that offer up to an 8 gig option. Has anyone installed more than 4 gigs?

There are limited bios settings so it looks like it would have to run on the Asus factory settings unless these companies have the ability to hack the bios??? This is the first laptop I have used for any gaming as normally use a home built desktop with asus mobos so not too familiar with laptop configurations. This spring will appear the 6th edition. I’m positive that with the Vista 64bit I didn’t have the 1gb reserved. I had all 4gb, only after upgrading to Windows 7, does this problem occur.

I’ve seen this forum, but this doesn’t acknowledge why Vista 64bit was showing 4gb without any hardware reserved RAM, while Windows 7 does. Plus I tried using the bios from the previous version Vista 64bit, and that didn’t help.

The only difference is the OS system, if the hardware and the bios are that of Vista 64 and they work with the Vista 64bit OS. Why wouldn’t the same hardware and drivers work with Windows 7 and why would it create a hardware reserved RAM if it wasn’t needed with the previous version of Windows?

Also if what I’m reading is correct from that forum 64bit I would be caped at 3gb’s if I was running a 32bit OS, but I’m not. Why do you think your laptop is going to act differently than another of the exact same make, model, and series? I have exactly the same situation with my Dell laptop, but I don’t try to blame Windows 7 for what it reports! In Windows 7 while I could certainly roll back to Vista 64bit and see that all could be allocated.

And if so then I understand why I’m only seeing 3g usable with Windows 7. Another individual has the exact same issue and as well states he was able to see the 4gb in Vista until the Windows 7 upgrade, but he never tried using the other Vista OS bios after upgrading. A few weeks later the machine was experiencing random crashes. I took a look at the crash dumps and it made no sense that it was a software issue, so I decided it might be a hardware problem. It could not pass Test 9.

Through divide and conquer, we found that one of the 1 GB modules was consistently failing. Memtest86 allows you to test one module at a time if you like. The problem always followed the same module. So off we go to get another module. Being cautious, we installed the modules one at a time and ran memtest86 on each.

So, we had a clue after reading this thread. So, we did that and rebooted. Whoo Hooo! Ours is 8GB. Oh, and as a side benefit, much more speed in boot up and shut down. So far, no crashes. Tomorrow, we will install the other modules, test and get back to video editing. I’m not sure but may have found the answer, the most current and original BIOS didn’t have a memory re-mappable firmware.

They didn’t initially release the N70SV with 64bit until later, which by then changing the bios would have been a waste of time for ASUS. With the current BIOS the dedicated graphics card memory must be written into the BIOS’s address system for the graphics card to work correctly with the system. So without memory remapping in the BIOS firmware the first 3gb of the 4gb installed is all that can then written into the sequence up to 4gb. I have tried finding an update for the chipset or even third party software, because frankly ASUS will not tend to the the needs of the few.

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Edited by alexhaberer Tuesday, January 10, PM. Tuesday, January 10, PM. Hi Alex. Please see this thread they are giving you some explanation on that. If the 1 gb is hardware reserved it will show there. Marked as answer by alexhaberer Sunday, April 1, PM. Sunday, January 29, AM. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. This is expected behavior. Regards Milos. Thanks, Alex Haberer. But that didn’t create a fix.

Any ideas? If that is so In Windows 7 while running Windows Vista’s bios why would I not see the total of 4gb then??? While if I’m running Windows Vista I would??? Any ideas??? I believe you are mistaken when you state Vista 64 reported all 4GB as available to the system. Wednesday, January 11, AM. Use Process Explorer and see, how is the memory “shared”. Edited by alexhaberer Wednesday, January 11, PM.

Wednesday, January 11, PM. Hi folks, I used to have this problem, but me and the wife fixed it a few minutes ago. Hope that help! Saturday, January 28, AM.