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Times Internet Limited. All rights reserved. For reprint rights. Times Syndication Service. Home Notifications Newsletters Next Share. Simple steps to run zoom meeting app on laptop or phone Advertisement. BI India Bureau. Zoom app has become a well-known video conferencing app especially after the corona pandemic lockdown that has made work from home the vogue of the times.

As a leader among the cloud based teleconferencing platforms, zoom has several interesting and alluring features that make it an irresistible app for conferences both private and official. You can join or host a meeting on the Zoom app on your mobile phone or laptop. While conducting live chats, you can use meeting either with video or audio or both. Complimentary Tech Event. The 6-part video series will capture the vision of Indian SaaS leaders and highlight the potential for the sector in the decades to come.

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– How to use Zoom app on iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows | Tom’s Guide


Zoom is an App you can use to video chat with a group of people. What equipment do you need to use Zoom? You must have your laptop or computer читать статью to the internet.

You will need to have a good internet connection so sit close to your internet router. A router is a box that sends WIFI around your house or office. It lets you connect to the internet.

You will be sent Meeting ID and password if required in an email or text message. The Meeting ID will be a nine digit number and will look like this Joining a Zoom Meeting on your computer with a link You will be sent link in an email or text message. Please note that due to upgrades and maintenance, our live webchat facility on our website will be temporarily unavailable. There are still plenty of ways how to zoom out outlook window contact us.

How to use zoom meeting app in laptop – how to use zoom meeting app in laptop: to use Zoom to join a meeting on your laptop or computer. What is Zoom? If you want to use Zoom you must have one of these. Computer or laptop with camera, microphone and speaker You must have your laptop or computer connected to the internet. Joining a Zoom meeting There are two ways to join a Zoom Meeting You can join a Zoom Meeting with a special code called a Meeting ID and a password sometimes you may also need a password You can join a Zoom Meeting with a link sent to you in an email or text message.

To turn you camera off, tap or click on the camera button To turn your microphone off tap or click on the microphone button When your camera or microphone is turned off it will look like this You can turn your camera back on by clicking or tapping the button again.


How to Use Zoom: The 13 Best Tips for Successful Video Conferencing.‎ZOOM Cloud Meetings on the App Store


Zoom opens in new tab has earned itself a reputation as a reliable, easy-to-use tool that can handle meetings involving up to people. And that’s just the free version. If you need to host particularly large online meetings, there are paid-for business packages available that dramatically increases this limit, and also adds new features.

Add a webcam to your desktop PC, or turn to your webcam-enabled laptop, and you have just about everything you need to keep in touch with friends, family and work colleague from the comfort of your home — or from just about wherever you want. For most people the free, basic version of Zoom Meeting opens in new tab provides everything necessary, and that’s what we’re going to take a look at here.

We’ll show you how to configure meetings, introduce the settings you need to be aware of, and reveal how to get the most from this indispensable tool. Make careless data decisions history with our dark web monitoring and alerts. Get Dashlane for seamless, private ‘interneting’ with 2FA two-factor authentication by default.

When it comes to video conferencing opens in new tab , Zoom isn’t your only option. These alternatives have a lot to offer too, and may suit your needs better:. While the vast majority of laptops have a built-in webcam, this is not the case with desktop computer. Some monitors feature integrated cameras, but it may well be the case that you need to add a webcam to your setup. This need not cost a fortune but, as with most hardware, there is no real upper limit to price.

In reality you need nothing too fancy — just a camera with a reasonable resolution and a built-in camera. You can check it works in Windows 10’s Camera app.

Enter your email address and wait for a confirmation email to arrive — you need to click the account activation link it contains. You’ll then be guided through the process of securing your account with a password. You are given the opportunity to invite people you know to sign up for Zoom, but you can skip this for now if you prefer. Click the link to continue to your newly created account and then click the Resources menu to the upper right of the page before selecting ‘Download Zoom Client’.

The primary software you need to download is listed at the top of the page; there are also browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, and a plugin for Outlook, but for now we’re only interested in the main Zoom Client for Meetings desktop app. There are also mobile apps available that you can install on your Apple or Android device.

Run through the installation of Zoom opens in new tab Client for Meetings and when this is complete, click the Sign In button before entering your email address and password. Click the ‘New meeting’ button to start hosting a new video conference, and you should see the footage from your webcam displayed; you’ll also be prompted to test your speakers and microphone. You can invite people to join your meeting by clicking the Invite button and sending emails from the app.

While there is nothing to stop you from setting up meetings on an ad-hoc basis, it’s a better idea for all concerned if they are scheduled for a known time. On the first screen of the Zoom application, click the ‘Schedule’ button and fill in the details such as a date, time and topic, and choose the calendar through which the meeting will be organised — Outlook, Google Calendar, or something else — and click the ‘Schedule’ button again. There are several ways to join a meeting. If you receive an email or calendar invite to a meeting, you just need to click the link it contains to start taking part.

You can choose whether to connect using video, audio or both, as can anyone else involved in the meeting. As well as sharing audio and video, it is possible to share files through Zoom’s chat feature. Move your mouse over the video window, and a series of buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click Chat, and you can send text-based message to meeting participants — great for sharing codes, phone numbers, and so on — as well as sending files. If you are the host of a meeting, you can click the Record button at the bottom of the screen to record the video of a meeting.

Other participants can only initiate recording with the permission of the host. Zoom also offer numerous options via the Share Screen button. You can open a whiteboard that everyone can write or draw on, share the contents of a window you have open on your desktop, or share a portion of your screen to give demonstrations. If you need a new webcam for Zoom video conferencing, these our our top recommendations right now.

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– How to use zoom meeting app in laptop – how to use zoom meeting app in laptop:

May 11,  · Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. In the case where you do not have a profile picture, you can press the initials of your last name. Click on Settings. Click on the Video tab and make sure that the preview of the video is working correctly. It may be that you cannot see your video. Apr 15,  · When you are presenting, use one to broadcast, the second to see faces, and the third to preview slides or control PowerPoint. To set up a second screen in Zoom, go to the home screen of Zoom and click on the “gear” settings button. Under “Content Sharing” click on “Use dual monitors.”. Oct 08,  · (Image credit: Zoom) 6. Join a meeting. There are several ways to join a meeting. If you receive an email or calendar invite to a meeting, you just need to .