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Taking a Zoom conference without anyone knowing is how to leave. Meetings, regardless of who the original host is or what they were, will continue to run for unlimited periods if both are licensed users. Licensed users also have access to a 40 minute meeting, whether they are Free or Basic users. Alternatively, an optional extension allows participants to join as early as before any member of the hosts joins or without any meeting participant.

Leave Meeting should still be chosen after you choose whom will act as your new host from a list of participants. When you have selected Assign and Leave, you must choose whom you will assign to the task. After a meeting has ended, it means the host no longer has access to participants. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. Is Zoom Meeting Free? Here’s where to look and how to pass control over to another user.

Begin the meeting either by clicking New Meeting or joining via an invite. Click Participants. Find the name of the person you wish to make host.

Hover over the name and click More. Click Make Host. Click Change Host. That user is now the host of the Zoom call, and the original host can leave the meeting. It’s possible to set up a Zoom meeting with two hosts where both of you can manage the administrative side of things.

The feature is not available for free users of Zoom. Here’s how to set it up. Co-hosts cannot end meetings for all participants, make other participants a host, and they cannot start live streaming or start closed captioning. Sign into the Zoom website. Click Account Management. Click Account Settings. Click In Meeting Basic.

Scroll down and toggle Co-host to on. Co-hosts can now be added to your Zoom meetings. To add them within the meeting, follow the instructions for changing host and click Make Co-Host instead of Change Host.

Only the host or co-host can mute all participants on Zoom. Select Participants , hover over the host’s name and select Mute to mute a co-host. The host key is a six-digit PIN you use to control a meeting.

You can find your host key by going to your Zoom Profile page, scrolling down to Host Key , and selecting Show. To customize your host key, select Edit , enter the six digits you want to use and click Save.

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If you are a participant in a meeting, you can leave the meeting before it is over if needed. If you are the host, you can easily end the. in the host controls, click End, click Leave Meeting, assign a user to be the new host, and click Assign and Leave. For more information, visit the Zoom Support.


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