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For an instant audio-only meeting, just select the Screen Share Meeting on the main Zoom menu. To schedule an audio-only meeting, select Screen Share Meeting Video does not start automatically on the scheduling interface. But we understand how it is to be very nervous before meeting a stranger face-to-face. There are many situations in which you find yourself with a really sub-par internet connection.

Maybe your service provider decided to flatline today because it was in the mood to put off some infrastructure repairs. In the most optimistic scenario, your resolution will simply drop. If your bandwidth is bad, Zoom will let you and the remote participants know by providing a yellow kind of bad or red really bad signal on your screen with a warning that your bandwidth is low.

Trust us, an audio-only meet beats a choppy video meeting any day. Renovations, whether at the home or at the office, are very messy events in your life. The only way to get through one of these is to minimize the trauma as much as possible. Maybe you just have a messy office with a treadmill doubling as a dirty clothing rack and a few dead plants that would all be in the sight-lines of your remote participants.

It gives off an unprofessional vibe. Colds, fevers and flus usually have a tendency to strike right when you have something important to do. These belligerent little bugs make us feel terrible, but they make us look even worse.

Snotty red noses and bulging eyes are not exactly the best features to exhibit in a video meeting. In these situations, rather than calling in sick, you can just call in on Zoom. Of course, knowing what a stoic trooper you are, we feel the need to remind you to visit the doctor as well! You will always be able to get into your meetings one way or another through Zoom.

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Selecting Screen Share Meeting Video does not automatically begin , on the scheduling interface, allows you to schedule a meeting that only involves audio. Then click the Advanced tab in the upper-right corner of the window, as you would normally. This button will now be used for only one-click music or computer sound. If Zoom is on, whatever audio from your computer will be shared with you. As soon as you click on Join Zoom, a matching set of options will appear.

To access the dial in, tap. The country you wish to call is accessible by tapping the arrow at the top. If you did not select this option by default, tap the arrow. Select Join. When prompted, enter the meeting passcode provided in your meeting invitation. Select Join meeting. You can usually find the Meeting ID in the invitation sent to you by the host of your meeting. It is usually 11 digits long. If you are signed in to your Zoom account on the desktop app, complete the following steps to join your meeting:.

Step 3: Enter your Meeting ID and update your display name if desired in the spaces provided. Tick the boxes next to any meeting options you want. You can also join meetings via the Zoom mobile app. The instructions for doing on the Android and iOS versions are pretty similar to each other.

And so following the steps below should work for you regardless of which operating system you use. And just like the desktop app, you can join meetings whether you’re signed into a Zoom account or not. If you’re not signed in, then do the following: Open the Zoom mobile app. Enter your Meeting ID. Then select the Join button. When prompted enter your meeting’s passcode. Select OK. You don’t have to download the desktop or mobile apps to join a Zoom meeting.

Zoom meetings are also accessible via Zoom’s web app. Note: You can only attend meetings via the web app if the meeting host has enabled a feature called “Join from your browser. Step 1: Open your web browser, navigate to your meeting invitation, and select the link to your meeting.

Step 2: A new browser tab will open. In this tab, a dialog box may appear asking you to either choose an application to open the meeting or download the Zoom app. You’re not doing either of those, so select the Cancel option in that dialog box. Step 3: Navigate to the bottom of that webpage, and select the Join from your browser link. Step 4: You’ll immediately be taken to your meeting. You’ll need to select the Audio and Video icons in the lower-left corner to trigger the browser permissions dialog boxes.

Once those boxes pop up, select Allow for both of them to enable the use of your microphone and camera.