How much market share does zoom have.Zoom Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)

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– Zoom zips ahead of Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Skype in one ranking | TechRepublic

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› technology › Web And Video Conferencing. Zoom has market share of % in online-meetings market. Zoom competes with 65 competitor tools in online-meetings category.


How much market share does zoom have


The pandemic made the enterprise wholly reliant on virtual meeting platforms, but new research reveals Zoom dominates the global online market share and ranks No. As soon as staff was sent to work from home at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, employee online calendars were filled with virtual meetings. Because of the unprecedented and rapid shift to remote work, managers were anxious about losing touch with their reports. As a result, telecommuters were inundated with meetings that were unnecessary, time-consuming, disruptive to the workday, boring and irritating.

This result was quickly dubbed Zoom fatigue. Countries that named Zoom the preferred app included Japan, the U. In the U. Zoom has million daily meeting participants. Coming in at No. Trailing behind in fourth place was Skype, which saw the biggest loss with a Zoom owns almost half— As our chart shows, Microsoft still dominates this specific market with almost one quarter of the total global revenue stemming from the use of its products, while Zoom only had about five percent market share in However, these figures have to be taken with a grain of salt.

While Zoom relies almost entirely on its video conferencing software, Microsoft has a broader spectrum of collaboration software for various uses, including the Exchange server system, Office and other file sharing and sychronization solutions. This breadth could also be a valid reason for Google’s market share of almost ten percent. For example, the company offers advanced versions of their free online tools like Drive and Mail under the moniker of Google Workspace for a monthly subscription cost.

Voice over IP provider Cisco, messaging software Slack and remote work and troubleshooting software company LogMeIn round out the list of the five companies with the biggest market shares. The collaboration software segment has been growing steadily over the last couple of years, which can partly be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. The chart shows the market share of companies in the collaboration software segment worldwide.

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Zoom is not the only company, it is newly established. It was founded in , and the first product was released in As a comparison, there are Cisco WebEx, and Skype founded in and respectively.

How does Zoom occupy more than half of the world’s video conference market share? How does it grow so fast? In this research, based on the evidence, we observed the strategies they implemented, linked to the theory available, in order to dominate market share in the video conferencing field. This study found that zoom uses multiple tactics, ranging from product differentiation, bundling, price discrimination, etc.

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