How can we use zoom app for online classes.7 Essential Tips for Using Zoom for Online Teaching

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Using Zoom for Online Classes.

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Zoom Meetings can sync with your calendar system, so you can join the video conference from a desktop or mobile device. You can also record your meetings locally or to the cloud, and create searchable transcripts for absent team members or anyone who needs to use a text reader for accessibility purposes. Although the service is secure, always. May 02,  · Learning should never be stopped! with this priority, Peepal Tree Group of Institutions conducts online classes for students during the COVID 19 Lockdown. Th. In the Zoom app; In an email from your instructor; Join a Zoom session. Click the Zoom meeting link several minutes before your class. Since you already downloaded and set-up your Brown Zoom account you will be able to enter the Zoom session without any additional downloads or steps.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting on Android for Online Classes?.


Given below is the process of how to join a Zoom meeting on Android for online classes or how to join a class on Zoom Cloud Meetings Android app.

If you do not have Android and then you can read this article- how to join a class on Zoom using PC. It will guide you step by step process to join a class on Zoom. Hereunder are the steps for joining a class on Zoom Cloud Meetings through Android phones are as follows:. Your teachers may share meeting id, meeting link, and password through different modes, e.

A sample login meeting details for you. You may join a class on Zoom Cloud Meetings any of the two ways, but your teacher should allow you in the classroom. Otherwise, a student will not be able to participate in a class.

If you do not have access to the class, then immediately contact your teacher and ask you to admit into an ongoing or next class. As a participant, you have to mute your voice, then only everyone will be able to hear the voice clearly, and you can also unmute when asked to do.

You can also switch on the video mode if instructed by the teacher to do so to make a connection virtually. You can also see the number of participants who have joined by just scrolling your screen every time. Take advantage of some other tools in Zoom:. Zoom is unlikely to replace the need for brick-and-mortar classes, particularly in the arts, STEM fields, and other highly technical programs such as those designed to train health care providers, mechanical technicians, and culinary professionals.

And it’s important to practice Zoom self-care. But a well-designed online course that incorporates Zoom-based synchronous learning can effectively replicate the kinds of rich learning interactions that we and our students value. And Zoom-facilitated office hours can provide a level of clarity and connection that a discussion thread or series of e-mail can never approximate.

The key to successfully adopting Zoom as part of your instructional portfolio is understanding what it does well, how to leverage those strengths, and what to avoid. Skip to main content. Using Zoom effectively Maintaining connection with students is a major concern for any instructor designing an online class because, after all, teaching and learning are communal activities for most of us. Strengths Accessibility. Automatic recording and captioning. Zoom allows you to set your meeting to record automatically and that recording will be transferred to your KU MediaHub account once you close the meeting.

Flattened hierarchy. With participants tiled across the screen in no particular order, there is a natural flattening of the hierarchy of the traditional classroom. Zoom allows you to schedule a recurring meeting and it is easy to change meeting times or security settings after a meeting has been established. Although image quality and lag time are influenced by individual internet connections, the sound and image quality are quite good.

Recently upgraded security protocols, including making passwords required for new meetings, have addressed some of the early issues with Zoombombing and the inability for hosts to remove unwanted users. The Zoom platform seems able to handle a large influx of users, even at peak hours, with few major collapses. Many resources are already available for you on the IT website. Zoom includes several easy to access built in tools which allow users to customize their screen view, communicate privately, work in groups, share screen images including videos , and poll meeting participants.

Challenges Class size. The Zoom screen only displays a limited number of individual participant screen tiles, which is further limited when using the share screen function. An iconic feature of Zoom is its gallery view. Most video conferencing platforms feature calls where the active speaker i. However, Zoom enables the user to toggle between the active speaker and gallery view. By giving users the choice to view all the participants in the call, the gallery view is more intimate and thus better resembles physical meetings.

Zoombombers are people who enter Zoom calls uninvited. Without enabling the password feature, a link is all that participants need to join Zoom conferences. For instance, the Singaporean government ceased the use of Zoom for online lessons after zoombombers entered the online Zoom class of year-old students and began sharing lewd content. With this flexibility in security features, parents may not feel at ease with their children using Zoom for online lessons.

Even if teachers are required to set a password for every Zoom lesson, the freedom to toggle it on and off may still result in instances where teachers slip up on enabling password access. Previously, we discussed how Zoom offers teachers the ability to mark up the screens of students. However, this system also poses a problem when teachers run out of space to annotate. Therefore, annotations have to be erased before the lesson continues. When teachers run out of whiteboard space, everything that has been written on the screen will also have to be erased.

Teachers cannot shift to a different section of the whiteboard or create a second whiteboard to continue writing. Zoom is an excellent video conferencing platform that caters to general purposes. Similar to Zoom, HeyHi has video conferencing functions as well.

What sets HeyHi apart is its interface. When students enter an online lesson on HeyHi, they immediately see a gridded whiteboard that occupies much of the screen. The video images of their teachers and classmates are positioned on the right margin of the screen.


How can we use zoom app for online classes.Zoom for Online Learning Updates

Install the Zoom client (opens new window) on your PC or Mac, and/or add the Zoom app to your mobile device. Schedule your class session(s) in. Meet with group members for projects and assignments · Work on homework with classmates · Record a presentation · Schedule online tutoring · Host a.