Cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none:. How to Fix “Cellular Update Failed” on iPhone with iOS 12.1.2 SMS, LTE, Cellular Data Issues

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Cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none:

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Some iPhone users have discovered that their cellular data and cellular connectivity has failed recently, with iPhone no longer working to send or receive calls or access the internet, particularly after installing the iOS Before anything else, you should check for available iOS system software updates.

Another albeit very annoying workaround is to simply reboot the iPhone every time you need service, since that seems to allow the iPhone to have cellular service for a short while. Instructions to force reboot the various iPhone models are further below under the additional troubleshooting steps.

You might be able to resolve the No Service cellular problem with iPhone by doing the following procedure of removing the SIM card and restarting the iPhone:. Rarely, you might need to reboot the iPhone one more time.

The other current workarounds to temporarily resolve this cellular data issue on iPhone involve disabling wi-fi calling and adjusting LTE data settings to be data only, rather than voice and data.

For some users this may be unacceptable as a permanent solution, but again this is a workaround, so you can decide whether or not the trade-offs of temporary disabling wi-fi calling cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none: LTE voice are worth having a cellular data connection at all.

For many iPhone users, their cellular service will restore and start working again, though this comes at the expense of temporarily losing wi-fi calling and voice LTE. Some iPhone users may find that only choosing one of the above settings changes is sufficient to remedy their cellular problems too. These are updates from your mobile service provider that are separate from general iOS software updates from Apple.

Here is how you can check and install a carrier update, if one is available:. Apparently some users have their iPhone cellular connectivity issues resolved simply by installing such a carrier update, so it is absolutely worth checking. If you tried the above steps and you continue to experience iPhone cellular connection problems, you may want to try the following additional troubleshooting steps:.

I had direct experience troubleshooting this particular iPhone cellular problem during the holidays Happy Holidays! Considering that an iPhone is a cellular phone, not having cellular connectivity is understandably annoying. Did the above tricks work to get your cellular data and cellular connectivity functioning again on iPhone? Do you have another solution for remedying these problems with your iPhone service? Let us know in the comments below. Get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox with the OSXDaily newsletter.

Did it work?. ABut nothing happens. My phone is now dead! Did you guys figure out a class action lawsuit. Hi were you able to sort your phone out as mine also keeps saying error ect and reads the same as yours.

None of these options worked. It just says error, and when I click перейти на страницу it, it gives me an error message and a link to try things like restoring from backup. After many hours troubleshooting, I tried recovery mode as a last-ditch effort and it actually worked.

It not normal that so many of us have the same issue. I agree. Above tricks didi not solve my iPhone problem. There is nothing showing under cellular settings. I tried everything above mentioned but no result. What can I do? I have the same issue on my iphone 7 which started on the 17th.

I wonder if there was an update or something. Hope someone has an answer! Just recently updated my iPHone 5s to ver I pulled sim out and cleaned it with a cloth put back in and it works for now.

But please tell me if yours is a permanent solution and if it still works…. Same exact problem. No receiving or transmitting calls on the 5s with ios The reason all of these software solutions do not work for long, some cure the problem temporarily, is the issue is a hardware malfunction that must be replaced.

If you go to Apples own page regarding this, it states it is an internal malfunction. With that being said, why no recall, why no news attention? Tried all these tricks, and nothing is working.

Same exact thing happened to me. I had the same with my iPhone 8 in Europe. They offered me a refurbed for euros.

Should I call Verizon and check in, or should I eject my sim card I ordered a sim card eject tool on Amazon, expected to come Thursday at the earliest and Saturday at the latest?

I had this problem and when I took it продолжить the Apple store I was cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none: that this is happening to IPhone 7s, they think from a certain time period of production.

Because it is so common, they are repairing or replacing them at no cost. Mine was gone for 9 days while they lent me another. So, completely worth cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none: to them to have it taken care of. My phone was literally fine yesterday. I have an iPhone 5s. The thing that has me concerned is people here saying they called apple support and had different people tell them different advice, as well as no one saying what happens if you do send your phone по ссылке be repaired.

Apple really needs to get their act together. I know bugs will always happen, but this bug is far from harmless and beyond inconvenient. One agent said to click on the restore button in itunes and it started downloading the most current version of ios.

Which I had also read in this cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none: and others, so i stopped the itunes download. I believe you only have 3 years from the first sale date of the phone to get the free repair.

Cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none: this before you waste any time!!! Wiped the phone and restored from backup, phone worked for a whole day, but when the update ran again, no cellular. Thank you so much for posting this Tina. Sometimes the phone would take some fiddling to get it back, other times it would come right back after using one of the fixes. However, the fix would only last between one hour to five days, and then back to no service. I called apple support and they made an appointment for me посетить страницу the apple store.

The tech told me I was smart to have taken the screen shots, because the phone was working fine when I brought it in. Apple cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none: my phone and sent it in for repair. They said I can pick it up in about five days.

They even loaned me an iPhone 6 while I wait. I am so thankful I saw your link because I was getting close to three years and have been struggling with this problem for nearly three months.

And what is worse? I arrive at a screen after the initial welcome that literally says:. An update is required to activate your iPhone. Also have an Iphone 7 Plus… I guess those are the ones facing it the most…. Im sick of Apple…. I just took my phone into the Apple Store and they have to send it back to the cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none: center to get that fixed.

Updated to Had to factory reset the phone which rectified the issue. Hugh inconvenience. I am cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none: the same issue. I have updated my iPhone 6 with How to do factory reset?

Is it safe? Please advise if this can fix … thanks in advance! None of this seemed to work. Both my 5s and 6s did this. Lots of fiddling including US Cellular visit did nothing. They both cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none: running So, After rerunning the install it did not give the red dot note of available update AGAIN, the problem is resolved.

Yes re-run the install! There are two versions of iOS Install the second one for resolution, in iTunes cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none: not available in Settings. Puteri, yes first hard reboot your iPhone. Then install any software updates. Then here is an article written to detail and inform how to fix this:.



Cara mengatasi zoom error 104 101 – none: –

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